How to use Visual Inheritance in VS2010 .

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How to use Visual Inheritance in VS2010?

First of all i would like to explain a bit about the inheritance, Inheritance is one of the most important property of Object Oriented Programming language ,by which we reuse the code and extend the existing functionality where there is a relation of "IS A" exists in two classes . For example

Lets take an example in C#

public class base
public base(){

System.out.println("base class Constructor");
public void print ()
System.out.println("Base Class");
public class derived :base
public derived()

System.out.println("derived class");

public void printEx(){

System.out.println("Printinng extended functionality");



This is how we use inheritance in C# but we are lacking this feature in Windows Forms applications where we want to reuse the existing windows forms to extend the functionality.This feature is available now in VS2010 where we can use our existing Win Form as base form to inherit from , thats called
visual inheritance.

Steps to use Visual inheritance in VS2010

1: Create a Windows Form project in VS2010
2: By default one Win Form will be added with name Form1.cs or vb. whatever language you use for creating Win Apps
3: Design this form
4: Build the project so that DLL is build for this project
5: Now add one more Win Form to project and select Inherited Form as given below in figure.

Note : if you dont compile your Form1.cs than you will not be able to add Form1.cs as base form to inherit from.
6: Now you will see that your Form2.cs will have all the controls of your base Form1.cs on your Form2.cs

Now question arises, how to access the controls of base class ie Form1.cs.

1: Best practices say that you should provide public getter and setter on the base class.
2: You can change the access modifier of base class(Form1.cs) control to Public or Protected as per your design .

Now build the application and run it .

Happy Coding.

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