GMail now supports drag-and-drop attachments through HTML5

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HTML5 is the future of the web, and Google continue to embrace it. The latest way in which Google’s array of services are taking advantage of HTML5 is in GMal: you can now drag and drop file attachments into messages as standard if you’re using Google Chrome 4 or Firefox 3.6.

All you do is grab a file off your desktop and drag and drop it into a GMail compose window. The area above your message will change to say “Drop files here.” Do so in the target area and it will automagically be uploaded and attached to your message.

This goes a long way to solve one of the most common complaints of web users: why can’t I drag and drop a file into GMail the way I can on my desktop? Thanks to HTML5’s new APIs, you now can. We’re one step closer to a total lack of separation between the desktop and the web.

Unfortunately, as we said earlier, the new drag and drop features are limited to Firefox 3.6 and the latest version of Chrome, but Google says they are working quickly to support the feature for other HTML5 browsers. Odd, since Safari 4 supports the drag-and-drop API, but it’s so far missing from Chrome. Another victim in the growing feud ween Apple and Google?

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